Therapist: Margit Kramlinger

That´s how I became a natural health professional:


"You are just like a doctor!” was a statement by a co-worker back then in my gray office job. Ever since I can think, I was fascinated by the whole topic: Human - health or illness and the conception of causal relation. When I had to have severe surgery in 1993 and I could not practice my office job anymore I knew time for change has come now – I started the journey.


After the classical academic training for natural health professionals in Munich I added 3 semester of training in naturopathic diagnose and therapeutic methods. Right in the beginning I realized a special sense or intuition for the human body and spirit. I was rebuked by my mentors to await the anamnesis and the case prescription before I made my statement.


That special ability right from the first moment is what always contributed to the success in therapy.


March 1999 I started my first own practice in Landshut with great success right away. To be able to help with a variety of people with different treatments I continued to study solid therapies like: cupping, baunscheidtieren therapy (special old german therapy), Moxa-Therapie, Body-Ear and Scull-acupuncture, physiotherapy by Dorn and Breuß, Shiatsu-Massage, injection techniques, those were the ones I felt most successful working with. Bachblüten and Schüssler-Salts are just as common in my treatment as homeopathy. I had a feeling deep inside me telling me that I´m not yet at the source of the illness itself and I discovered Voice Dialog, working with the inner voices; and hypnosis. That was my way of working with illnesses and their causes.


2006 I began a 2 year apprenticeship with Ruedi Schmid to become a healer of spirit. Now I ´m capable of offering a wide range of healing methods that can assist the self-sanctification of the human and help see causes that lie in the spiritual and mental realm. All along I have been working with bio resonance and helped many patience therewith, especially our 4 legged buddies when allergies were hiding out as side-effects. Also horses that were on their way to the slaughter- house could be helped with the bio resonance, so they can continue living here.


As you can see, I work in many different ways to pick up the patient where she/he stands, always happy to support a patient on their way of healing.