The arch of noah was a little example for the home I wanted to built on Farm Birkenhof for our animals. Most of the over 20 chickens that can enjoy their chickenlives here are recued from industrial livestock farming where they usually get thrown away after they don´t fulfill the numbers anymore.


Here on Farm Birkenglueck we say "thank you" with a proper chicken life happening all over the farm from the muck hill to the horsestable.


And so the life stock grows steady on our farm. In order to provide them with all they need for a happy life we would love to see your support.


Krumma, ( Icelandic "The pitch black") is our stubbon but also very sweet mare. By now she is 22 years old already. On her 9th birthday she gave birth to Farandi ("the fast one or around a lot").


She is suffering from summer eczema that costs us a lot of treatment and money  and her a lot of sorrow.


Dyri – the faithful- is my first own horse.

A graceful youngster he was when I first saw him. By now he has become the unchallenged boss of the herd, even thou he is not the tallest.

He is also very smart if it comes to opening doors or getting through the electric fence, he is a genius.

Unfortunately he is suffering from Morbus Cushing that needs treatment often. 




Kraki, ( icelandic meaning `big black hand`) is our second seniour at the age of 25, born in the bavarian woods. Many years he was known as a challenge and a nightmare to any blacksmith. For reasons no one knows he panics as soon as anything is done to his back hoof. We will never know for sure, we can just second guess it might have been a birth trauma where his back legs blocked and he could only be born with human help.

He would have been a great tournament horse if it just wasn´t for that fear of a blacksmith. By now he is enjoying his pension amongst the rest of the herd, living his life as the professor of the herd with his smart sensitive ways. In secret he is the leader of  the herd.




Our Enya is a pretty old iceland-lady soon to turn 28 years, she has been blind from the age of 8. Since 14 years she has been living blind but I was able to ride her even off track when she was younger. Full of trust I was able to ride her and we had a lot of fun. Now she is enjoying the quiet days in the herd.


Farandi („the fast one, alround a lot“), Krumma `s wonderful son, born on her 9th birthday.

I was so lucky to assist with his birth. A full-moon-night, full of mystical happenings. It was the first time I assisted a Mere giving birth, I was so excited, nervous and cold, even thou it was a light August summer night.

And then he was born, everything went well and my inner tension was gone, I was simply happy to see that little sweet fellow that tried drinking from the gelding Kraki at first.

Those two guys are good friends up till now. Unfortunatly he had a chronic eyeinfection and even thou he received surgery it stayed chronic. His left eye is blind and we might have to remove the eye. He is very sad at the moment. Still he is a scallywag, always looking for fun and at the same time quiet and reliable.

Being around Farandi means safety to him.






Bobby was just six month old when we got him from the animal shelter. He was totally frightened by little kids and man. By now he is 8 years old and a sparkling friend that always stunns us with his smart ways and his sense of sensitivitiy. He loves taking care of the horses, getting them from the pasture and generally taking care of the farm.

The chickens and their rooster