Margit Kramlinger

When this farm found me in the year 2009, I had no glue what I was expecting, that a dream was just about to come true. A dream of a life in the beauty of the bavarian woods surrounded by many animals, that have been there for me the longest time in my life. The first years were filled with planting of more trees and bushes and flowers, always focusing on the insects, birds, hodges and co. so they may find a good home. I have reached many goals on this farm that I´m proud to call this farm an oasis in this truly crazy world.


Meanwhile Andreas, Robert, Julia and Christof have arrived to share their support and friendship. We are moving forward together.


I´m thankful for everything that I was able to experience here.


Many years have passed by and I can look back satisfied and I can look forward with joy, looking forward to a project that will bring hope and help to people.


Andreas Ruthner

Born in Austria I was somehow always drawn towards Bavaria. I didn´t expect to land in the most beautiful part in the Bavarian woods.

I started to realize that during my first therapy appointment in spring 2017 on Hof Birkenglück.

The first walk around the property up to the alp house called a wish to stay here a couple days longer. These couple of days are a couple of month by now and I feel how my body and soul are getting strong again.

It is a true life elixir living together, humans and animals in nature.


Robert Nehrkorn

Since April 2018 I found a place to live with my two cats and my horse in the beautiful nature of the Bavarian woods.


Until April 2016 I was Dipl Ing. At the Deutsche Bahn responsible for the spare parts logistics. When I left into pension I made my dream come true and bought myself a horse.


Coming to stay at the farm I found a community where I can offer my skills and have support. Boredom is a unknown word around here. There is always something I can do here alround enjoying work and quiet times together.


Julia Eder

Born New Year’s Eve 1987 they called me Julia. I was born in Germany, Landshut but from the age of 10 I was raised close to the most beautiful african city, Windhoek/Namibia. At the age of 18 I decided to leave back for Germany. I worked in many different office-jobs to know that the office life might not be suitable for me after all. I lived when I was at home working on our recipe page at first then the book…or when I did art…but never in that polluted air, in the office.


When my health status crashed in an MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity) we had to chance our direction instantly. We decided to create a rescue program not only for myself but also for others, in Uruguay. The plans collapsed when we arrived in Uruguay and the house was completely moldy. We were homeless in Uruguay for the next 6 month trying to hold onto till our investor was supposed to arrive, it was not supposed to be. We were capable of collecting a lot of experiences, it was perfect for learning what having MCS really means. All the pain and hopelessness. When we arrived here on Hof Birkenglück in late summer I thought of the project as “parked”.


I had arrived at my destination and didn´t even realize it at first…Hof Birkenglück is the Oasis I have tried to create with the Therapists I have searched for.


Here we will create a healing Oasis!


Christof Eder

1979, Christof was born in Landsberg/Polen and he knew right away that his life was going to be more like an adventures journey. Disrooted at a very young age he always felt that the world is his home, he developed to a free spirit and a lateral thinker with his heart on his tongue.


Besides the craft that he works in, fuzzy-head as some call him because of the curls, likes spending his time in the photo-studio. That’s where he feels most comfortable and many say that’s where he belongs.


Did this, did that…and still I was a little sad.


He was missing a goal!


11 years ago Christof met Julia and because “she missed the last train” and couldn´t get home, they stayed together till this day. So fuzzy-head finally found the missing piece in the puzzle and the answer to the question; what am I doing on this planet? Standing beside his queen they fight, hand in hand, against the toxins of modern society, against the illness, raising awareness for all those that are not yet affected. Next step Christof is awaiting eagerly is the “MCS-Living and healing project”, working together with a strong crew here on Hof Birkenglück.