We want to offer you a life in community with a sense of individuality in a supporting and understanding community with MCS/ multiple chemical sensitivity. We are, Margit and Andreas, Robert, Julia and Chris between beginning 30th and end 60´s. We want to share our oasis with you.

At the foot of a hill lies the Farm Birkenglück

The property is 3, 3 acres. Here we live with horses, dogs, cats, chickens and ducks. The meadows are left naturally without chemical treatment.

Therapeutic riding with the island ponies, that are especially suitable for therapy, is planned. (For the people living here)

An Oasis for nature and human


  • Many trees as well as wild shrubs were planted. Shrubs especially for bees were planted already and we are planning to keep bees in the close future.
  • The farm is 2 km away from the next town, close enough for errands and far enough for clean air. Perlesreut is known to be very sunny.
  • This project is for many generation, healthy as well as disabled (MCS only) people. Creating a “family like” network were everyone can contribute according to their capabilities, skills and strength. Giving us a meaningful life.
  • Living an individual and independent life in freedom with MCS is our goal.

Our association Birkenglück Förderverein e.V. was created with the following goals:

  • Creating barrier-free living for some of our members with MCS/ multiple chemical sensitivity. Professional help during the healing process of MCS/ multiple chemical sensitivity with diverse therapies.
  • Creating funds for our animal asylum.
  • Supporting the community: Create a little farm-shop. Expansion of the event location (a bit away from the farm itself) to sell handmade goods such as (home-made foods and art) aswell as different events. Support the production of tools, literature, pictures, audio and video material to educate on environmental topics.
  • Setup and support of permaculture projects, self-sufficient and species-appropriate biosphere for humans, animals and plants.
  • Preperation for Tiny-houses pitches aswell as building MCS friendly Tiny-houses.

This projects peruses solely charitable goals and is not interested in realization of profits.


Ecological/ Social Components

  • Generation of electricity with photovoltaics on the stable roof
  • Car-sharing, Shopping as community
  • Sustainability, Permaculture, community and individuality, enjoying the community and a vegetarian lifestyle
  • Creating a platform for international contacts in the field of MCS/ multiple chemical sensitivity.
  • Water recycling (Permaculture, effective micro-organisms) avoiding Chemicals in household and personal hygiene.
  • Avoidance of plastic packaging and trash in general.
  • Living individually but helping each other if help is needed.
  • Every housemate has the opportunity of bringing their skills and talents into our farm-concept in order to regain a meaningful life.

If this project sounds like your vision of life, please send us a short email under contact and we will send you an application form. Fill it out and send it back to us and we will get in touch with you.

Many warm greetings from Team Birkenglück